Thyroid Mythbusting – Learning Fact from Fiction

2 Day Live Series

May 31 – June 1 2021
1 PM EST/ 6 PM London, Dublin

In this live information series, you will learn about the common myths that are in the way of addressing Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s the right way.

I’m Dr. Momi and l’m an anomaly when it comes to healing the thyroid. I realized a long time ago that traditional thyroid management leaves many patient sick. After identifying the loopholes and analyzing my wife’s and my daughter’s conditions (both have Hashimoto’s), l developed my own comprehensive thyroid management method that looks at all aspects of thyroid health and beyond.

I’m a GP with a background in functional medicine and helped hundreds of patients to take control over their thyroid health and get their life back by looking at and treating the body as a whole system. I took a step off the traditional path and it turned out the right path for most of my patients.

And guess what? Every journey starts with a single step. And with me by your side, you don’t need to walk the thyroid maze alone!

But these live series will not be about me, they will be about YOU and how you can start healing your thyroid too by understanding the circulating misconceptions that leave many confused and helpless.

Dr. Shandeep Momi

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