Finally, You Can Gain Your Energy Back, End The Crushing Fatigue, Stop Hair Loss And Live The Life You Want, Even If You Have Been Unwell For Decades, And Were Told That Your Labs Are Normal!

If you have Hashimoto’s and you have been told that there is nothing you can do about it, the most important thing to know is that it is possible to put Hashimoto’s in remission and live symptom free.

It can be exhausting trying to find the right advice to follow and not get any relief or even feel worse.

What you need is a better approach, the right approach to stop feeling helpless in the face of this condition. No longer will you feel like you’re letting yourself or your loved ones down. Helplessness ends now.

In this 3-day workshop, I am going to give you EXACTLY what you need to begin your journey of finally putting your Hashimoto’s into remission.

You will finally start to see how to navigate Hashimoto’s successfully but more importantly, you’ll know what steps to take and how to reach your goal.

Having boundless energy, living without pain in your joints, being clear-headed and quick-minded, losing weight and keeping it off, being able to provide for your family effortlessly is all possible with the tools I’ll teach you.

Imagine, no longer guessing what to do or where to start, just following a system that works and seeing AMAZING results.

Learn the key tools you need to transform your life with these powerful tools designed specifically for those living with Hashimoto’s. You can start your healing journey right away, experiencing positive day-to-day effects in no time.

Once you’ve implemented everything you learn from this workshop you can expect to:

  • Learn the necessary steps to start moving towards remission.
  • Truly understand what Hashimoto’s is and why it’s not as easy as your doctor makes it out to be.
  • Never be fooled by ‘your bloods are fine’ every again
  • Know exactly what your medications are doing in your body
  • Gain confidence in making food choices that will directly improve your thyroid and overall health
  • Take complete control by recognizing when you’re self-sabotaging your health
  • Feel confident that your health is in your hands and that you can make real progress whenever or wherever you want.
  • And so much more!

No matter where you are on your health journey, join us and learn how to get better results, faster. Get ready to rock it!

There is no better time than NOW to take control of your health. You’ve struggled with Hashimoto’s symptoms long enough. It’s time to break free of the overbearing fatigue. It’s time to never be a slave to crippling brain fog that makes you feel like a shadow of yourself. It is time to take back your health and never give it up again!

While modern medicine has reached unimaginable heights in certain fields, chronic disease, including autoimmunity is on the rise – and will continue to grow if we don’t change our approach.

I have been a medical doctor for 18 years, and I have never seen so many patients presenting symptoms of autoimmunity as I do today.

Hashimoto’s is the #1 Autoimmune disease across the globe. There has never been a bigger warning sign to do something about it than now.

This event is for patients who want to get on the FAST TRACK to real results, or patients who suspect they have Hashimoto’s get set up the RIGHT WAY instead of wasting time struggling to try things out!

For the last 11 years i have dedicated my time to understanding the ins and outs of the hashimoto’s question and have been putting that into practice helping my patients.

My name is Dr. Shandeep Momi and since 2011 I have been nose-deep into every single aspect of Hashimoto’s.

I want to share with you the same information that I have used to help hundreds of patients put their Hashimoto’s into remission, including my wife and my eldest daughter, allowing them to regain their life from this dreadful disease.

You don’t have to take 11 years to master Hashimoto’s like I did.

I’m going to show you the most successful starting steps to put your Hashimoto’s into remission. These are tried and tested methods painstakingly honed over the years to give the greatest chance of success! For free!

“If this information is so valuable, why are you giving it away for free?” you might ask…

And that’s a reasonable question. As a practicing physician my time is very limited and I cannot reach all the people that need my help. I know that if I can help you get started on the road to remission, your life will become more fulfilling as you experience less symptoms.

I’m heavily invested in your success, and the only way I win is if you start experiencing improvements in your health!

It’s time to stop thinking what your next steps will be and make the decision to go for it!

Here’s Just Some Of What You Will Learn During These 3-Days With Me:

DAY 1: The full impact of Hashimoto’s on the human body

Knowing not just what Hashimoto’s is but how it impacts your body and what this means to you. This is where the real truth of Hashimoto’s is exposed. We’ll blow the lid off everything for you and start moving the needle forward in the very first session!

DAY 2: What it takes to put Hashimoto’s into Remission

We will peel back the layers of this disease and show you not just what you’re up against but show you the weapons and tools you’ll need to fight this condition!

DAY 3: The Hidden Affects of Hashimoto’s

This is where we put it all together and we finally peek behind the curtain. You’ll see how Hashimoto’s truly affects you and what’s the price you will pay if you do nothing about it. But you’ll learn what to do, and that coveted knowledge is what will set you apart from the rest of the people with Hashimoto’s and allow you to make all the right choices to get yourself into remission.

  • Overwhelmed with too much information about where to get started
  • Lost and without direction of what to do next to continue your healing journey
  • Tired of not making meaningful progress with your doctor
  • Ready to give up because everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked up to this point!


  • Get filled with clarity and direction!
  • Feel massively confident that you can do this and you can make a real difference to your health.
  • Walk away with new understanding of the problem and a true action plan of what to do next!
  • Get equipped with a proven system to start taking back control of your health by putting your Hashimoto’s into remission!

This is the only complete, A-Z training of it’s kind out there right now designed, tried and tested by a practicing physician.

You’re guaranteed to get the most relevant tricks, tips and tactics to get your Hashimoto’s into remission.

In this training, I’m tearing the DOOR OPEN and not holding anything back at all.

You will be able to take what you learn in these 3 days to make real progress on your Hashimoto’s healing journey!

During these 3 days, we will go over the following pressing issues that your doctor doesn’t tell you about your Hashimoto’s:
  • The difference between Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism
  • Why do Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism need different management
  • The major contributors to optimal thyroid health and where to start
  • The feedback loop the thyroid uses to keep things moving smoothly
  • Concrete steps to begin turning things around and putting your Hashimoto’s symptoms into remission
  • The dos and don’ts of managing Hashimoto
  • Getting your perspective straight on what Hashimoto’s means in the short term and long term
  • Why many people fail at improving their Hashimoto’s and how not to be one of those people
  • Why patients with Hashimoto’s and/or hypothyroidism may not feel better with thyroid hormone replacement
Don’t Just Take My Word For It, Here’s What Real Patients Have To Say About Using My Approach:

“Working with Dr Momi I have seen a big improvement in some of my symptoms including my memory is now 85% better than before, I no longer have weakness in my legs, no dizziness, and my heartbeat is normal most of the time. I’m still in the early part of treatment but I feel that if I had not met a doctor as forward thinking as Dr Momi I have no doubt that I would most likely be bedridden at age 48!”

-Vanessa Cummins

“I am virtually symptom free for well over a year and feel like I have my sanity back too! Working towards optimum bloods has brought me back to feeling like myself again and I am very grateful.

After one year of being treated for Hypothyroidism with my GP my symptoms were swinging wildly from one month to the next. I would feel fine for a while and then crashed. I was told there was nothing they could do as my bloods were ‘in range’.”

-Fran C.

“After many years of going to GPs, Consultants and Endocrinologists and not really being heard or made to feel like the thyroid symptoms are all in our heads. Particularly when the thyroid symptoms impact mood, energy and weight. So many of us have spent years trying to get to the bottom of it all ourselves. We have had to fight for medications other than Eltroxin or full thyroid panels including T3 often being refused by our Drs and Endocrinologists and basically left suffering with ongoing symptoms. I went to Dr Momi for the elevated antibodies, having been told that there was nothing that could be done about them. Since working with Dr Momi my antibodies have significantly reduced. Not only is my blood work confirming that the medication I am using for my elevated antibodies is working, even before the blood results came back, I had started to feel so much lighter and happier even to the point of feeling joyful. I now know that having high thyroid antibodies is what was at the root of how unwell I had been feeling for YEARS. No other GP or Endocrinologist has ever got to the root of my problem. I am now starting to have some level of wellness and a better quality of life after 11 years of being quite unwell.”

-Kerry Bray

“Benefits… have gained energy, thyroid is doing well, less pain, no more vomiting when I eat any food, less stress, sleeping better, feel great, lost weight, less stress, headaches not as frequent.”

-Marisse Murphy

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When is it happening: December 14th – 16th, 2022

What time of day: 7:00PM UK / 2PM ET

How long is each session: 1 Hour Long (unless you upgrade to VIP after registering, then it’s 2 Hours Long)

Who is teaching: Shandeep Momi, MD

What does it cost: $997 value, but FREE for a limited time.

Where will it take place: Virtually, on video, over the internet!

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