Hello! I am Dr. Shandeep Momi, a General Practitioner practicing in Ireland. I am a passionate and solution focused physician with a powerful interest in helping patients with hypothyroid conditions including Hashimoto’s. My special interest has come about due the personal journey both my wife and eldest daughter had to endure when they were diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

A Little Bit About Me

I was born in Canada, raised in the United States and went to medical school in Hungary. As you can see, I have been around a bit. I completed my GP training in the UK and am practicing in Dublin, Ireland.

During my medical journey, I have learned different skills from outside of coventional medicine to help my patients life a better quality of life. It is this lateral thinking and problem solving skill that I bring to bear to help my patients achieve more with their life.

My family’s Hashimoto’s diagnosis turned my attention toward applying this integrative and functional medicine method to help them. This approach is based on optimizing different body functions to support the thyroid gland and digging deep for the possible triggers of the disease, instead of just managing symptoms.

For the past decade, I have been educating and coaching people with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, following an evidence-based protocol that has helped thousands of people to achieve optimal thyroid health. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing someone take control of their health and regain their sense of self and happiness. It’s the reason I became a doctor in the first place; to empower those to help themselves.

My mission

“When my wife developed life altering symptoms a few months after her second pregnancy, we were told that her symptoms are most likely psychological. Nobody checked her thyroid antibodies because her TSH and T4 were in normal range. As a result, she wasn’t diagnosed for years, living with daily panic attacks, fatigue, brain fog and heart palpitations. I don’t want anyone else to wait years for a diagnosis or proper thyroid care. ”

Thyroid patients are often not diagnosed accurately

TSH and T4 markers alone are not enough to determine a patient’s thyroid status, especially for those who have Hashimoto’s. Thyroid antibodies elevate long before any detectable change in TSH. If a patient presents with hypothyroid symptoms, it’s crucial to run a full thyroid panel to see the whole picture. In the case of Hashimoto’s, it’s just as important to address the autoimmune origin of the disease as to manage the hypothyroidism the autoimmune attack is causing.

Managing symptoms with a single medication is usually not enough.

Dosing medications based on TSH only leaves many patients feeling suboptimal. The laboratory ‘normal’ thyroid values are very broad. Many patients fall into the normal range but are highly symptomatic. We need to take into consideration patients’ symptoms and treat the patient, not the lab values only! And we need to choose the right type of medication based on the individual patient, because not all patients convert T4 medications well, and we know that in order to feel optimal, we need the right amount of active thyroid hormone in the body, which is T3.

Patient’s feel unsupported by their doctor

When patients are diagnosed with a hypothyroid condition, they are often given a pill and are sent off. In quite a few cases, this does not help the patient long term. When they return for advice because symptoms are not improving, they are told things are fine and that the problem may be in their head. This is neither helpful nor is it true. Patient’s feel alone and isolated with a condition that is a mystery to them.

Mainstream medicine is missing the importance of nutrition

The importance of nutrition is vital to healing and every disease process in the human body. The more optimal the nutrition the more improved the healing. When healing the thyroid and reducing its symptoms, it is vital to support the body by eating foods that are focused on healing while reducing foods that prevent healing. Conventional medicine dismisses the importance of nutrition when it comes to hypothyroidism and autoimmune disease (e.g. Hashimoto’s) but one can never underestimate the power the body’s innate healing power.

If you have been suffering from fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, heart palpitations, brain fog, dry skin, constipation, increased sensitivity to cold, and many other symptoms, I hope to help you change your life around.

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