Hi, I’m Dr. Momi.

I help patients with Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Adrenal dysfunction to regain control over their health using a functional medicine approach .

What Do You Need Help With Right Now?

Are you on thyroid medication but not feeling better?

Are your labs normal and you were told your symptoms are unrelated to your thyroid?

Are your labs not ‘bad enough’ for medication but your symptoms affect your everyday life?

Are other doctors not helping you get to where you want to be?

Thyroid symptoms can be scary and life altering. The good news is that you don’t need to feel unwell for the rest of your life. Together we truly can turn your health around and make you feel your best self.

Work with me


Find out what thyroid condition is affecting you


Determine which labs are ideal for you and your condition


Optimizing your nutrition to help improve your thyroid outcomes


Determine which medication would be ideal to support you in your recovery

Holistic Approach

Managing the thyroid requires optimizing several body functions, not just the thyroid


I’ll be there to help you with any questions or concerns as you heal

After 11 years struggling with exhaustion, hair loss, fatigue and misery, I finally found a medical professional who could help me. Not just put me on a life of medication, but work towards actually healing the issues. The first radical step was to be given an accurate diagnosis. Soon followed a detailed plan of what to do. I was then monitored and evaluated and my protocol tweaked to maintain the progress. Be prepared to work hard and take the advice Dr Momi gives like gold dust. My results are outstanding. I cannot recommend him enough.

Lisa W.

A few months after my second pregnancy, debilitating symptoms appeared out of the blue. The anxiety, panic attacks and brain fog were constant and no doctor could figure out what was causing them. I was repeatedly told that it’s all in my head and I’m not coping well with being a mom. My thyroid numbers were always “in range” so no doctor thought my symptoms were thyroid related. This went on for 12 years. Then I found dr. Momi and he ran a comprehensive thyroid panel and other tests. After living with life altering symptoms for longer than a decade, he found that I have Hashimoto’s and my thyroid numbers are far from optimal. He addressed the autoimmune part of the disease, and put me on the right medication for my thyroid condition. I feel like a totally different person since then, I don’t feel sick anymore. I feel like I am in control of my life again.

Reena L.

I have hypothyroidism and for years I felt frustrated at how tired I was feeling. My regular GP wasn’t very helpful. Thankfully I heard about Dr Momi and made an appointment. He looked at the body as a whole in assessing my condition, rather than just medicating me according to my TSH levels. Dr Momi listened to me, gave clear recommendations about changing my diet, taking supplements and medication and answered any questions I had. I feel so much better! I would highly recommend his services.

Sarah H.

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